Dulux Wall Paint Colours with 2017 Designs

Dulux wall paint colours

As you know, there is a color catalog which is accepted as the standard in the world. Pantone who owns the catalog has set two colors for the year of 2017. We can say that the 2017 trend Dulux wall paint colours will be more pastel and soft colors.

The two colors that Pantone chose were the Pale Pink and Baby Blue colors. The colors have a special meaning. This year has a meaning based on gender equality which is a current issue.

As we understand these two selected colors, people are stressed and tired because of their work life and environment. For this reason, they want to prefer restful colors that give peace in their living spaces and they do not care.

They will give you more peace and energy as you will choose warmer colors from the walls of your house. You can apply smoother color transitions instead of sharp transitions and create a simpler look in your home decor.

Pink is a color that gives joy and happiness.And it is known as the color of dreams and love. Blue color expresses freedom, peace and eternity. It is a relaxing color that gives comfort and peace to man.


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